WELCOME to KMAT Incorporated

Insurance for the Public Transportation Industry

Experienced Attention to Your Unique Insurance Needs

With the turbulent nature of today’s economy, it has become more important than ever for businesses in all industries to protect themselves. When an accident or loss occurs, the proper insurance coverage can be vital in helping your business move forward as quickly and painlessly as possible.
At KMAT Inc, our experience and knowledge of the insurance industry allows us to provide detailed advice and service to businesses of all shapes and sizes, including those whose needs lie outside the normal realm of insurance providers.

Providing Insurance to Public Transportation Companies Nationwide

KMAT Inc is a nationally licensed agency specializing in Public Transportation Insurance. We understand that the public transportation industry is unique and so are the insurance companies that provide coverage to this market segment.
We work to stay current on the ever changing requirements that the Federal and State Authorities places on public transportation companies. Our knowledge and our attention to detail allow us to offer service and coverage that many other insurance agencies simply cannot.