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Providing Insurance Advice to Business Owners Nationwide

Providing Insurance Advice to Business Owners Nationwide

Understanding the complex nature or the insurance world can be a difficult task for even the most informed business owners. In an effort to help you understand your unique insurance needs, we work to provide detailed advice on insurance requirements that apply to you and the options you have for securing the coverage that is best for your business.

To better serve you, we have compiled a list of questions our clients often ask.

Yes, we have specialty markets that write start-up companies. These insurance companies know and understand that start ups are an integral part of this business. They also realize that some of the greatest transportation companies in the industry were once start-up companies.

KMAT has insurance markets that can provide insurance for one vehicle or very large fleets. We also have access to alternative risk programs and can design financial products with various retention levels to mitigate your risks.

Depending on the circumstances it can take as little as a few hours to as much as a few weeks. As long as we have all of the necessary information including loss runs we can help move the process along rather quickly. We understand the pressures your company is under regarding State and Federal Filing and certificate holders so we expedite the process as quickly as possible.

Typically we can get a quote with just a few key pieces of information. The biggest of which is currently valued loss runs for the last five years, driver’s lists, and vehicles lists.

We issue certificates immediately after they are sent to us depending on any special contractual language that is present in the certificate request. We review any specialized language required to make sure that it is in compliance with state laws and also review the certificate request with the insurance company to make sure it is in compliance with the insurance contracts. It is also imperative to know what risks are being contractually transferred to your organization.

No we work on your behalf to receive quotes from the specialty insurance companies that provide coverage for the public transportation industry. We work with nearly all insurance companies to provide the most comprehensive coverage at the best rate available.

We are licensed in nearly all states. Due to the nature of the business we understand that transportation is nationwide from coast to coast. We want to be a solution to you no matter where your business is located.